Frequently Asked Questions

We can assist you with all types of containers for both imports as well as exports. In stock we have all the dry container types, special equipment like 20' and 40' Flats and Open Tops as well as reefers which we import weekly. The only equipment we cannot provide you with are 20' Reefers.  
Any  export booking has to be submitted 3 days before the sailing of our ship, which leaves on Saturday.
Because we issue documentation conform Mate's Receipts and tally sheets, which are only available upon completion of loading operations.
Yes, Flushing is the English name for the Dutch port of Vlissingen.
The ships' itineraries can be found on our website under the tab Schedules.
Yes, of course, we are open to share our experience and knowledge with you.  
At MarSea, we believe that such experiences can help the customer understand how we work, why certain delays happen and allows the customer to think along with us to optimize the situation. In short, YES we are more than happy to show you around our premises!